DJ Paulo, Portugal

Paulo, formerly a software engineer, currently runs the “A Todo Tango!” school in Lisbon, where he works as a dancer, teacher, DJ and organizer. Having done its first works as a Tango DJ back in 2003 in a Lisbon’s local milonga, Paulo has been regularly working in Portugal, and Buenos Aires where he lived in 2009 and 2010. Devoted to the roots of the Golden Age of tango, his music selection is eclectic. His objective is to achieve a well-balanced energy flow and a spectrum of moods where all the action takes place: the dance floor. Paulo’s heightened understanding of what the floor wants makes it impossible to sit. He has worked as a DJ in many local milongas in Lisbon and Oporto, Portugal, at Buenos Aires in El Motivo, TangoLab and Viva La Pepa! Milonga in Club Villa Malcom, and around Europe: Lisbon Tango Festival, TugaTango Marathon, TangoJam Hamburg, Zurique Tango Marathon, Viena TangoAmadeus...


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