DJane La Rubia, Argentinia

Analia La Rubia is from Argentina's second tango capital, the port city of Rosario. She founded the project Las Chirusas there, which have become an integral part of Rosario's tango scene. From 2004 she has concentrated entirely on her work as a tango DJ. Her DJing is traditional, with tandas and cortinas. Her knowledge and intimate relationship with the tango enabled her to develop a personal style, a unique sound. This is "La Rubia", puro Tango Argentino. In almost 250 towns and 38 countries all over the world, from America to Europe and Asia, people have danced with her music, also she is a model for other colleagues. La Rubia plays between emotion of the dancers and the deeper history tangos with orchestras that you can not miss a night. She make you dance with your soul.





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